Terminals in transition

EBS is a terminal in transition and is investing heavily in new products and services to address changes in market and customer demand. To grow its services in agri cultural products, minerals, building materials and biomass, high quality covered storage is required.

EBS is executing a four-year masterplan to construct a total of 350,000 cbm of additional covered storage capacity at the Laurenshaven and Europoort locations. This will increase EBS’ total available covered storage to over 800,000 cbm. These multipurpose sheds are located at storage areas previously used for the storage of in particular steam coal. 

(Future) projects expansion covered storage capacity

2017 60,000 cbm Laurenshaven terminal (operational since mid-2017)

2018-2019 126,000 cbm Laurenshaven terminal (fully opertional as from February 2019)

2019-2020 2x 40,000 cbm Laurenshaven terminal (planned)

2019-2020 40,000 cbm Europoort terminal (planned)

2020 50,000 cbm Europoort terminal (planned)